Home Office Setup Ideas

Home Office Setup Ideas

A home office is a good investment, whether you are planning to work from home full time or need a dedicated area to tend to your administration duties. With modern technology, there is absolutely no reason you cannot have a fully functional office at home.

If you want to set up the perfect little office at home without taking up too much space, then this is the perfect guide for you. In this article, we will share some of the best home office setup ideas so you can create a work area that works for you and your family.

Home Office Setup Ideas

Clever Home Office Setup Ideas That Actually Work

One of the best parts about a home office is the fact that you have full control over the way your office looks and what type of accessories you want to include. For most, a simple office that includes family portraits, a plant or two, and a few framed certificates is enough.

But if you are reading this article, then chances are that you want to create a space that eliminates visual distractions, is cozy to work in, and offers inspiring visuals.

Here are a few quick set up ideas to keep in mind if you want to create an office space that looks great and is completely functional.

1. Embrace Natural Light

One of the worst mistakes you can make is to install your office in a dark and gloomy area in your home. Employees that have lots of natural light in their home office experience better quality of sleep and are less likely to suffer from depression.

Having your home office in an area with lots of natural light will offer you many benefits. Here is a quick look at some of the benefits of working in an area that receives a lot of natural light:

  • Natural sunlight increases your overall alertness
  • Lots of fresh air and natural light can improve your mood
  • An increase in overall light reduces the strain on your eyes
  • When you see better and focus better, you are less likely to make mistakes in your work
  • Embracing natural light reduces energy consumption

The best spot for a home office is an area with many windows. When you are determining the layout of your office, you should also take into account where the window is while working so the sun glare won’t affect your ability to see your computer.

With all these factors in mind, you can enjoy all the visual benefits of a natural view with lots of natural light.

Ideally, you should also choose the window in your home that offers the best view of your garden. Looking at nature is superb for reducing depression as scenic views are great for resting your strained eyes from looking at the screen all day.

2. Adopt a Minimalist Approach

Home offices can get pretty messy and cramped quickly. Minimalism is essential if you want to avoid clutter, irrespective of the theme you choose to have. ‘Less’ is better for any given work area because too many visual distractions such as furniture and pictures can become distracting.

Ideally, you should use neutral colors with basic furniture. Avoid too many bold accents in your office and stick to natural elements such as a plant or a few toned done art prints and pictures of quotes.

Here are a few other tips to help you create a perfect minimalist space:

  • Avoid installing too many unnecessary office accessories. Office accessories that end up unused aren’t just a waste of money, it also reduces the amount of space and freedom to move in your office.
  • Keep your desk as clear as possible. The only things present on your desk should include your screen, phone, paper tray, and perhaps a plant or photo.
  • Avoid adding office tracking gear such as calendars, sticky notes, and pinboards to your walls.
  • Get rid of items you might never use like a desk lamp, hole punch, old books, and other elements that will only take up unnecessary space in your office.

A minimalist office isn’t just more affordable to maintain, these areas are also easier to work in. Too many office accessories will distract you and will make it harder to keep your office tidy and clean.

Set Up a Motivational Board

Home offices pose many distractions. These environments are filled with attention seeking distractions such as children, pets, spouses, neighbors, visitors, friends, and family. To top it off, no supervisor can keep an eye on you so you won’t indulge in digital distractions such as social media.

A small motivational board or shrine can help you stay focused so you can avoid giving in to the many temptations your home environment may have.

Find out what type of visual motivations work for you and add these prints to your wall. Here is a quick look at some motivational prints to add to your board:

  • If you love to travel, add scenes of far off destinations that you would like to visit. This can inspire you to work harder so you will have more money to travel.
  • If you are studying, an image of your desired accomplishments might inspire you to work harder.
  • Motivational quotes are always good to add to your board because these quotes are terrific to keep you focused.
  • A daily schedule can also help you get started on work instead of wasting time.
  • If you want to buy a house, add a photo of your future home and work hard to achieve this.

Go Wireless As Far As Possible

Messy office wiring can be visually displeasing and it is always tough to navigate your way through many wires if you want to plug something new into your office system. Ideally, all of your office surfaces should be out of sight and out of your way.

Home Office Setup Ideas

A great way to do this is by positioning your office equipment close to a power source. You should also invest in wireless equipment such as a wireless keyboard, mouse, laptop, printer, and Wi-Fi router so it won’t become a nightmare to clean your office space.

Invest In Décor

A minimalistic office can be a bit dull. While you may want a functional and clutter-free area to work in, you shouldn’t skimp on décor. Everyone loves to work in a visually pleasing area. After all, the home office is a part of your home where you will spend a lot of time in and may be a space to entertain your colleagues, guests, or clients.

Try to incorporate a few high quality pieces to decorate your office like:

A Beautiful Desk

Invest in a high quality desk that provides the right height and lots of charm. For most, a classic wooden desk is ideal but if you are creating a modern and minimalist home office, you can also look into a desk with modern design features.

A Beautiful Swivel Chair

Don’t skimp out on your office chair. Without a proper chair, you can experience fatigue, a sore back, and tense muscles, and even eye strain. Swivel chairs are ideal because they are so easy to get in and out of.

Invest in an adjustable chair so you can set the chair to your height for maximum comfort. You can also consider a designer chair for this space as your chair does take up a lot of space in your office.

A Gorgeous Screensaver

A beautiful screensaver can improve the overall look of your office space and it won’t take up additional space on your desk.

Add A Few Simple Decorations

Avoid adding too many decorative elements to your desk because this will only reduce the amount of space available and it makes it harder to keep your office clean. However, you can invest in a few simple yet gorgeous decorative elements.

Here are some good examples of simple decorative effects to include:

  • A beautiful fish bowl or aquarium
  • Flowers in a vase
  • A picture of loved ones
  • Art or motivational prints in a freestanding frame
  • Natural green plants in a pot or vase
  • An attractive desk lamp or pendant light over your desk
  • Fine art paintings
  • Framed motivational quotes
  • A statement clock
  • A globe

Add a Focus Wall

A focus or accent wall can make your office look more interesting and offer an aesthetic charm in a very large room. There are lots of ways to create an accent wall in your office.

For many, a contrasting color is one of the easiest ways to accent a wall. Wallpaper is a good alternative to create a soothing vibe. Some people love to add decorative wall hangings to create a focus wall.

Consider an Office Theme

If you have a tough time decorating your office space, then you should consider choosing an office theme. It is easier to decorate when you have a specific theme to follow because it’s easier to choose what colors, decorative elements, accessories, and art to create a complete look in your office.

A specific theme also keeps you from buying items that might make your office look cluttered or unattractive.

Here is a quick look at some of the best office themes to consider for your home office:

The Nature Theme

As a nature lover, you probably prefer to work in a wooden cabinet in a remote destination with lots of natural scenery surrounding you. If you cannot set up your office near a lake, in a rainforest, or on top of a mountain then you should incorporate lots of natural elements.

Decorative elements such as live plants, a beautiful view overlooking your garden, and nature prints are wonderful to include in a nature themed office. You can also embrace natural elements such as wooden stationery and furniture.

The Night Owl

Homeworkers who prefer to work at night should invest in lots of lighting. You should also invest in elements that help you stay focused and awake. Your office should have clean lines, lots of light-colored furniture, and lively artworks that promote mental clarity.

The Family Office

If your kids are always rushing in and out of the office, then you should try to compensate for them by installing an additional desk where they can work. A few family touches such as family photos, a drawing wall, and kid-friendly furniture can also be a welcome addition for these types of offices.

The Pet Lover Theme

Pet lovers usually love to have their furry friends close by while working. If a simple pet bed next to your desk isn’t enough, you could also adopt an office theme surrounding your pet. Add a few large prints of your family pets and a few pup-tastic decorations such as bone-shaped pillows for a pet themed office.

The Genius Theme

If you are someone who loves remarkable historical figures, then this can be a terrific office theme to focus on. Instead of modern quotes and pictures, get prints of your favorite historical figures like Albert Einstein, Alexander Grand Bell, and Marie Curie.

You can also add wall art prints of historical inventions or a scale model of a historical invention such as the first airplane ever invented and hang it above your desk.

The Movie Lover Theme

If you love movies, this can be a terrific theme to incorporate in your office. For some, a favorite movie like Star Wars can be a brilliant theme for your office. You can even invest in some toy figures from your favorite films and use these toys as decorative elements in your office.

The Modern Office Theme

If you want a modern vibe, then you should consider light colors, a design with clear lines, and modern furniture pieces. Everything from your table lamp to your wall prints should offer a modern or futuristic feel.

The Artsy Theme

Art lovers usually love lots of art prints on the walls. While this can be a great theme, you should be careful not to go over the top with the amount of pieces on your walls.

A few quality pieces and decorative elements such as a sculpture or a patristic scatter might be enough to create the perfect artsy theme.

The Coffee-Lover Theme

Coffee lovers often enjoy this theme because coffee is such a big factor to get your motivation and get things done. A coffee themed office design can be interesting, especially if you can also install a mini coffee bar in your workspace.

Don’t Underestimate the Space You Need

For tiny homes, it can sometimes be hard to find enough space to set up a dedicated home office. While it is perfectly fine to set up a mini and compact home office, you should always take as much space for this area as you possibly can.

Everyone loves to work in a proper office space, which means this will likely become the prime work spot for everyone in your home. Before you know it, your office might be the prime spot for studying, research, online shopping, financial obligations, and other tasks that might need your attention.

Your space will be covered in everything from children’s school books to accessories for the hobbies your hubby loves to enjoy.

It is important to evaluate the main function of your office space when you are setting up the perfect office. Ideally, everyone in your home should have their own office or study space because it keeps distractions away from your work area.

If you have to create an office space that everyone can use, it is important to invest in a little more room so more than one person can work at a time or you can use the room to store office equipment.

Invest In All the Needed Office Equipment

Your office won’t be very functional if you need to travel to get certain tasks completed. You should have all the basic office equipment readily available in your home office. Here is a quick look at the types of technological equipment that every home office should have:

Internet and Router

If you are working from home, then you will need a stable internet connection. Working on a faltering data connection can be very frustrating.

A proper internet connection and Wi-Fi router is an absolute must for your office space. With your Wi-Fi connection, you can get various mobile devices including a phone, tablet, laptop, printer, and many others connected and data transferring will become much easier.

All-In-One Printer

Paperless offices are very popular because they are good for the environment, but there will always be something you need to print, scan or copy in your office. Invest in a high quality, multi-functional printer. The printer you buy should at least have the ability to print, copy, and scan documents.

Home Office Setup Ideas

For a small office, a simple inkjet printer would be sufficient. If you print a lot or if you have a large family, it is best to invest in a laser printer. Laser printers typically last a lot longer and are much quicker. The toners for these printers produce a lot more copies at a more affordable price.

Laptop Or Computer

Tablets and smartphones are fantastic devices but they are still harder to use for word processing, online payments, and online orders, compared to a laptop or computer. You should invest in a high quality computer or laptop so you can work with ease.

Standing Desk

If you can, you should invest in a desk that allows you to stand up while working. Standing desks are especially important if you are spending a lot of time in the office. It can be tough to stay alert and focused when you are always sitting down.

It is also very hard to stay healthy and fit when you are stuck at home all the time. With a desk that allows you to stand up, blood circulation is promoted and your body stays much healthier.

Stationery Accessories

Stationery accessories such as pens, a stapler, hole punch, glue, ruler, and others are also needed for your office. It is important to not invest in too many accessories. These accessories can easily fill up your drawers and cause unnecessary clutter. Only invest in accessories you absolutely need.

A Bookcase

We all have some books and office supplies such as paper, envelopes, stamps that need to be stored away in the office.

It’s a good idea to invest in a good bookcase or, even better, a cabinet with doors that can close. Sufficient storage space is important for maintaining a neat and organized office space as it keeps all of your books and supplies free of dust.

Charging Station

Office areas are an ideal spot to recharge your phones, tablets, home batteries, and other items. Try to install a charging station that conceals all of those wires, plugs, and ports. With a dedicated and neat charging area, it’s easier to keep all your batteries and tech accessories fully charged without messy wires.

Paper Inbox

We all experience those times where we have paperwork that needs to be filed, but have no time to get to these tasks. A paper inbox will keep these documents off your desk. It is important to invest in only one paper inbox as too many inboxes will allow you to create too much clutter. With one inbox, you will be forced to tend to these tasks more often.

A Filing Cabinet

If you have documents that need to be filed and stored, then you should consider a filing cabinet for your office. A bookcase is not a good solution for your files unless you can invest in files that have a uniform look. Compared to a shelf, a filing cabinet is easier to use when storing away and finding your documents.


There are a variety of themes you can use to create a gorgeous office. In the end, the location you choose within your home and the type of accessories you choose for your office will have the biggest effect on functionality.

We hope this guide gave you a few tips on how to set up a great looking office. We welcome you to check out some of our other guides if you are in the market for the best office gear.

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